Free Sessions

Below is the list of free sessions we shared in SQL PASS Chinese Community. Also you can find Youtube Channel for SQL PASS Chinese here.

Date Title/Instructor URL
03-Mar-2015 2015 Mar Monthly Meeting+SQL Server CDC Video
12-Feb-2015 2015 Feb Monthly Meeting + Data Mining Video
29-Jan-2015 Start to Learn Hadoop II(Serena) Video
08-Jan-2015 2015 Jan Monthly Meeting+Start to Learn Hadoop I(Serena) Video
18-Dec-2014 2014 Dec Monthly Meeting & SSRS Tips Video
15-Nov-2014 T-SQL 101(Alex) Migrating
11-July-2014 2014 July Monthly Meeting Migrating
25-Apr-2014 Power BI(Derek) Migrating
18-Mar-2014 Big Data (Jian Y.) Migrating
26-Feb-2014 Working with XML (Louis L.) Migrating
28-Jan-2014 PASS Summit 2013 Takes Migrating
29-Oct-2013 Application Locks and Multi-tasks Scheduling (John H.) Migrating
06-Sep-2013 MS BI Capabilities with SP2013 and Excel 2013 Migrating